Houses and Landscape

Located on the Little Ram Island section of Shelter Island the project called for an extensive entrance sequence, garage and landscaping that resolved formal and functional issues   the main house. LFA designed two large sweeping stone walls announcing the entrance to the property and leading to the garage buildings in the courtyard. All stonework used miminal mortar and was placed by hand with exquisite craftsmanship.

In addition, the clients asked for the design of a guest house, shown on the opposite page, that led visitors from the main house toward the seashore. The guest house remains unbuilt.

Materials include various stone types, lead-coated copper roof sheathing, cedar shiplap siding, and other wood species.

Guest House

Designed as one large room, allowing for living, dining and sleeping, the main space opens to a large screened-in porch at the north end. The siting and planning of the structural frame provides all major spaces with a view of the water. Functional elements, such as a small kitchen, a bathroom and storage are tucked into opaque walls. The building is sheltered to the northwest and the adjoining neighbor and open to the northeast prevailing views. A series of retractable wood shutters (part of the articulated structure) permits the house to be closed down in the off-season and protected from NE storms.

Materials include: vertical cedar siding, lead coated copper roof sheathing, wood and stone flooring, mahogany windows and a wood burning stove.