Site Analysis

Solar paths and prevailing winds contribute to a holistic consideration of climate (along with temperature and humidity). Even at this southernly latitude, the difference between the location on the horizon of summer and winter solstice sunrises and sunsets is significant - more than 45 degrees. Superimposed on these solar paths is the average yearly wind intensity and direction.  These climatic factors have architectural consequences, which include substantial natural ventilation and cooling of all interior spaces. Coupling this potential with protection from solar radiation is a compelling combination for the design of “microclimates” that integrate the interior architectural spaces with exterior gardens and other outdoor spaces, including terraces and pathways through the forest and entries into and out of the building. 


Design possibilities

The climatic elements of the site are the basis for catalyzing landscape and architectural form. From enhancing and sequencing the densely forested path from the road and into the site to providing a perch to view and experience the ocean (as does the simple wooden bench that is there now) - all of the most important attributes of a finished design can already be found in their elemental forms. The two sketches are merely very preliminary visualizations of these priorities.

The sketches are meant to imply an elegant modernism tempered by local materials of stone, bamboo, ceramics etc. and a contemporary reinterpretation of the use of thatch roofing. The “architectural landscape” would be modern - punctuated by the natural beauty of the forest and enriched with warm materials. The landscape form and materials would flow into areas of the house and weave the constructed and natural environments.